Last updated  - 1/31/2019

Antenna Page

This page will be devoted to various forms of antenna systems. I will add information here about my work with different antennae. Wherever possible, I will make any and all information available to the viewers, and will respond to questions submitted to my email address.

Although my basic operational preference is HF, and for the most part, CW, I do operate other bands and modes. Of particular interest to me was the DBJ-1 dual band antenna for VHF/UHF designed by Ed Fong and features in QST. I have built several, both for myself and for friends. I have been asked several times to make some an bring them to hamfests. Our local ARES organization is currently using them as well. I have made several of these for friends and they seem to meet the needs quite well. The results of test using this antenna have been very good, SWR is low, they are fairly broadbanded and quite easy to install.  I have also assembled a version of the DBJ-1 using a PVC base and extension mast below the actual antenna. It can be disassembled and easily set up for portable operation. Pictures coming later.

Another version of this great dual band antenna has been put together by Mr. Fong ( Edison Fong, WB6IQN ). This version named the DBJ-2 is designed for portable/emergency type operation. It would also be a great field day antenna, requiring only something to hang it from. This antenna is featured in a recent QST article. Check back with me later and I will let you know how well it works for me.


My latest antenna project has been the construction of an End-Fed wire antenna. After looking over several existing models, I decided to build one from scratch. Based on comments from PA3WIT and others, I chose to use a unun transformer to match the wire. The best choice was the FT114-43 ferrite torroid, however, the inductance was inadequate with one torroid. I added the second, using a 4-turn trifilar winding with 18awg wire. You can see the protatype in the pictures below. Like most end fed wires, it is necessary to use a tuner for maximum benefit. I am using the KX3 and it tunes very well from 160m to 6m with an swr of less than 1.4:1 in the worst case.

The next version will probably be a 9-turn trifilar UNUN using  a T106-2 core and 22 GA wire. Will do some testing when the weather is better.



The wire for the antenna is Flex-Weave FW14P cut to 44 feet and using a 33 foot RG-58U feed line.